What vaccinations does my pet need to have?

Dogs: Bordatella, DHLP/DAPP, Rabies
**The Canine Influenza vaccine is no longer required, but highly recommended

Cats: FVRCP, Rabies

What is the canine influenza vaccine? I've never heard of it / we don't have it in my area.

Canine Influenza is similar to the flu or a bad cold in humans: it is typically associated with coughing and nasal discharge. Though symptomatically it is similar to kennel cough, they are different pathogens, and your dog must be vaccinated against both. See the AVMA's website for further information.

If you live out of the area and are having trouble getting the Influenza vaccine for your dog, please contact us to discuss your options.

Does my pet need to be current on vaccinations if I only need them groomed?

Yes, all pets who enter our facility must be current on all mandatory vaccinations.

Can you shave my pet?

No, we do not offer shaving, clipping, or hair trimming at this time.

My pet's hair is matted. Can you help?

We may be able to help! Contact us for more detailed information. We can remove some minor cases of matting. For serious cases, we recommend contacting one of the wonderful groomers in our area.

Do I need to bring my own food and dishes?

Please bring your own food! Your dog's stomach may get upset if he or she switches suddenly to our food. You do not need to bring any dishes, unless your dog has a special need requiring something other than a typical metal dog bowl.

If I don't bring my own food, what will my pet eat?

We provide Nature's Domain grain-free salmon and sweet potato kibble topped with ground turkey broth to all dogs who do not have their own food. You are welcome to request turkey broth topping on your pet's own food at no extra charge.

Can you administer medication to my pet?

Yes! We charge $1/dose for oral medication and $3/dose for injected medication, such as insulin. Please contact us for specific information regarding your pet's individual needs.

Do I need to bring bedding?

Nope! We provide all dogs with Kuranda beds which are like small cots made for dogs. These keep them up off the floor, offering a comfortable place to sleep and ensuring the most sanitary environment possible.

You are of course welcome to bring your own bedding if you prefer. Many customers like to bring a blanket or pad to place on top of their dog's kuranda for added comfort and the smell of home.

Can I bring toys?

Yes! You are welcome to bring durable toys. We recommend against bringing soft toys with squeakers that can be removed, or toys which may be accidentally ingested.

Can I receive updates on my pet?

Of course! Call or email us any time to check in on how your pet is doing! We can also send picture updates over email and text message upon request.

Are the buildings heated/air conditioned?

Our buildings are heated to 65F during the colder months. We do not have air conditioning in the kennels, but we do have fans and misters indside and outside the buildings to help keep the area cool. Our concrete kennel buildings also remain much cooler during the summer months than an ordinary house might.

Cats are housed in a separate building, which is climate controlled all year.

What size are the kennels?

Most of our dog kennels are 4'x4' inside and 4'x12' outside. You can learn more about our setup here.

Will my pet share a kennel with other pets?

We are able to accomodate pets from the same family together in kennels, space permitting. Your pet will never share a kennel space with another pet unless specifically requested by you.

My dog is dog aggressive. Can I still board with you?

Usually, we are able to take in dog aggressive dogs with advanced notice. Because our kennels are all individual, aggressive dogs will never be in a situation where they might get into a fight with another dog. Especially aggressive or timid animals may also be isolated near the back of the kennel to reduce stimulation.

Will my pet get exercised?

Some small dogs and less active larger dogs may be happy just hanging out in their indoor/outdoor space. For pets with higher energy requirements, we offer walks and playtimes at $5 per 15 minutes.

Will my pet be able to play with other pets?

We do not currently offer group playtimes. Pets from the same family may get out to play together in the yard. We do frequently walk multiple dogs at the same time, so some friendly dogs may be able to interact this way, but dogs are never loose offleash together.